Bill of Costs for Detailed Assessment – How can we assist?

A bill of costs for detailed assessment is a document that sets out the costs incurred by a party in a legal case. It is typically used in the context of a detailed assessment of costs, which is a process where a court or other authority examines the costs incurred by the parties in a case and decides how much of those costs should be paid by the losing party (paying party) to the receiving party.

The bill of costs should be a comprehensive and detailed breakdown of all the costs incurred by the party seeking payment. This may include items such as legal fees, court fees, expert fees, travel expenses, and other disbursements. The bill should also include a brief description of the work done, the date on which it was done, and the time spent on each task.

The purpose of a bill of costs is to provide transparency and accountability in the legal costs incurred by the parties in a case during an assessment meeting. It allows the opposing party and the court to review and assess the costs claimed and to determine whether they are reasonable and necessary. A detailed and accurate bill of costs is an important part of the process of obtaining payment for legal costs in a legal case.

It is important to note that if a case is a multi-track matter than a new electronic Bill of Costs for detailed assessment will be required, a specialist Costs Draftsman can also assist you with the specific rules and guidelines surrounding e-bills.

The preparation of a Bill of Costs

Costs Draftsmen can prepare your bill of costs once we have access to all of the files and documents to the case, detailing all of the work that has been carried out by the legal professionals. A bill of costs provides complete transparency so both parties can easily assess the amount of work that has been done and what costs have been incurred as a result of the work.

Instructing a Costs Draftsman to prepare your bill ensures that a reasonable bill is drawn, including only items that can be recovered, therefore maximizing your costs recovery. Alongside a bill of costs a Notice of Commencement must be produced to formally serve the paying party. The notice will allow the detailed assessment proceedings to begin.

It is worth noting that the Notice of Commencement must be officially and properly served to a Solicitors who have the authority to accept the service, as any improper serving of such official documents can cause grounds for improper conduct and jeopardize the costs proceedings.

Next steps when you receive a Bill of Costs

When the paying party receives the bill of costs along with the notice of commencement, they will have 21 days of service to respond acknowledging they have received it. If the paying party do not agree with the costs laid out in the solicitors bill then they can send their Points of Dispute stating why they wish to adjust some of the costs.

The receiving party can then send their Points of Reply within the following 21 days, agreeing or disagreeing to the proposed costs changes set out by the paying party. If the parties fail to reach an agreement on the costs to be paid then they can apply for a detailed assessment hearing where the Court will make the final decision on the amount of costs to be paid by the losing party. If the matter is below £75,000 then a provisional assessment will be carried out as opposed to an oral hearing.

It is important for a paying party to file their points of dispute in the relevant timeframe as if they fail to do so then a receiving party is able to apply for a default costs certificate (form N254), which enables them to be awarded all of the costs they had requested in their Bill of Costs, without the need for a detailed assessment hearing for a costs order.

How can Greener Costs assist?

Our team of Costs Draftsman have many years of experience surrounding bill of costs for detailed assessments. From our Bolton office in Manchester, we are able to assist clients from all backgrounds and locations in England and Wales on a range of cases, whether you are the paying party of receiving party. We can help your case from the start of your dispute and can see it through all the way to preparing costs for assessment and representation at detailed assessment hearings.

Greener Costs is the UK’s first net positive legal costs company, and our aim is to assist your law farm in costs services whilst also helping you become more carbon neutral.

If you wish to speak to a member of the team here at Greener Costs for a free, no obligation chat then please contact us at 01204 or use the online form on our website below.



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