Costs Draftsmen: How and when we can assist 

Costs Draftsmen are legal costs experts that are qualified and equipped to assist with all manner of costs recovery. Both Costs Draftsmen and Costs Lawyers are specialists when it comes to the negotiation of your legal fees to help you maximise the recovery on your cases.

Our team of law costs draftsmen here at Greener Costs have worked on a wide variety of cases from larger commercial and corporate disputes, to smaller more personal cases such as cases surrounding personal injury and medical negligence claims.

To find out more on how our team of costs professionals could help you then please get in touch with Greener Costs today.

What are Costs Draftsmen?

A Costs Draftsman is a specialist role in the legal industry who deals solely with the costs that surround a case, meaning they possess significant expertise in the niche area.

Typically, the role of a costs draftsman focus on the detailed assessment of costs, but they can work on any case surrounding the issue of costs, including costs payable between the paying party and successful party, as well as client costs and legal aid using public funding.

A law costs draftsman can assist clients from the very outset of a case to draft and negotiate agreements, and can effectively prepare costs budgets and bill of costs to ultimately encourage a smooth process for clients.

What are the benefits of using Costs Draftsmen?

There are many benefits in utilising law costs draftsmen, most importantly because of their expertise and experience in the area which could ultimately mean you recover more of your costs.

It is much more time and cost effective to hire costs draftsmen as opposed to having a team in-house as it can prove an extremely expensive venture to upkeep a team in-house and it can also limit the analysis of profit recoveries due to the lack of external data to process. Expenses to hire an external costs draftsman are usually much lower and they can typically provide higher levels of experience having worked on a range of different cases.

It is also important to note that many solicitors are far too preoccupied with their caseloads to spend the time needed looking at and analysing their legal costs. As such, external experts are able to reduce that pressure by using their expertise to complete the needed negotiation and drafting of costs.

Our team at Greener Costs can ensure efficient turnaround agreements, which in most cases are much quicker than clients completing the work themselves in-house. Our remote costing services also mean we can assist firms throughout England and Wales, providing a pragmatic approach to costing and reducing time and paperwork.

How and when our Costs Draftsmen can assist

Our team of Costs Draftsmen at Greener Costs can assist you from the outset of your case, ensuring the negotiation and drafting of agreements are to a high standard in hopes that your recovery of costs can be at the maximum amount possible.

Our law costs draftsmen have experience working on a range of cases which means they possess the relevant expertise needed to assist many clients. If you would like our costs draftsmen to help you with your legal costs then simply get in touch with us today, we can step in at any point during a case to ensure you receive the best outcome moving forward.

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