Court of Appeal Costs – What you need to know

Court of Appeal costs are the costs incurred during the appeals process following Upper Tribunals and Civil Court. The only more senior court in England and Wales is the Supreme Court. If both parties do not agree to the proposed costs recovery from the tribunals then they can appeal to the Court following permission to appeal being granted. Costs can include legal fees, court fees, and other associated expenses such as expert witness fees, travel expenses, and document preparation costs.

The costs can vary depending on the complexity of the case, the length of the appeal process, and the location of the court. In some cases, the losing party may be required to pay the court of appeal costs of the successful party. The rules governing court of appeal costs vary by jurisdiction and can be complex, so it’s important to consult with a qualified legal professional for guidance.

Costs orders can be made by by several other courts, such as the High Court, however the Court of Appeal has the permission to make alternative costs orders and overrule previous orders made.

The Assessment of Court of Appeal Costs

The Court of Appeal is able to carry out a summary assessment of costs from the appeal, especially if the appeal is short or focuses on a specific area of law. A summary assessment of costs can be carried out even if both parties are against it.

If any costs are deemed excessive, the Court may scrutinize each item to verify that they are essential and reasonable. If parties cannot come to an agreement, then a detailed assessment hearing may be held.

It is important to note that the court may also consider factors such as the conduct of the parties during the appeal, including any attempts to settle the matter before going to court, and any unreasonable behavior that may have caused additional costs to be incurred.

If the Court of Appeal overrules the costs ordered by a lower Court, any payments made based on the lower Court’s order will have to be refunded, and the Court of Appeal may also order interest on those costs.

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