Legal Costs Negotiators: Our Costing Services

Legal costs negotiators specialise in providing expert costing services that ensure transparency, accuracy, and efficiency in managing legal expenses.

Our team of seasoned professionals are dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Whether you are have received a bill of costs, are preparing for cost hearings, or seeking to optimise your legal expenditure, we can assist.

Negotiating legal costs is an important skill that comes with experience of working within the legal costing sector.

Greener Costs conduct negotiations on behalf of paying parties and receiving parties. We assist in the preparation of points of dispute, replies to points of dispute and costs budget negotiations.

Our Costs Draftsmen and Costs Lawyers have worked on a variety of cases, from personal injury claims to medical negligence and commercial dispute cases.

Our team operate a digital remote law costing service which provides us with the ability to assist law firms throughout England and Wales in the costs negotiation process.

Costs Budget Negotiations

Our experienced costs professionals specialise in drafting and negotiating accurate costs budgets, also known as Precedent H.

Skilful drafting of the document ensures parties have a high chance of budgets being approved by the opposing party with little negotiation needed, which is both cost and time efficient.

When the costs budget has been exchanged with the paying party, they can then return their Precedent R. This is a negotiation tool which explains their disagreement on any costs the claimant solicitors have made.

Our team can assist in the negotiation of a Precedent H through the careful preparation of a Precedent R.

Bill of Costs Negotiations

Once a case has concluded, our expert legal costs negotiators can assist with the drafting of a Bill of Costs for the receiving party. In order to do this, all documents and files related to the case must be provided so that we get a full view of all the costs involved.

Our Costs Draftsmen and Costs Lawyers can assist in the drafting of your Bill of Costs following an order or Part 36 offer.

We can also assist in negotiating a bill of costs by drafting Points of Dispute and Points of Reply. So, no matter if you are the receiving party or the paying party, our experts are equipped to help you.

Sometimes both parties fail to come to an agreement on costs, in which case they must move forward to a detailed assessment or provisional assessment hearing. If this is the case, a costs judge will make the final decision on costs. The costs lawyers on our team are qualified to represent you in court.

How Greener Costs Legal Costs Negotiators can help

Whether you are a paying party or a receiving party, you can rely on our team of highly experienced legal costs negotiators to assist you through the detailed assessment process and challenge costs to secure the best possible negotiated settlement for you.

We pride ourselves on our expert costs drafting and negotiation service, and work tirelessly to achieve the best outcomes for our clients, whether it is through fixed costs recoverable between the parties or advising you of costs unreasonably incurred.

In addition to our drafting services, at Greener Costs, we are actively doing everything we can to ensure our business benefits the environment.

We are doing this though carbon offsetting of our staff, becoming completely paperless and carbon offsetting through each instruction.

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