Notice of Commencement of Assessment of Bill of Costs 

What is a Notice of Commencement?


Following the completion of a court case, a detailed assessment hearing can be initiated if a costs agreement has not already been reached by both parties. If no agreement has previously been made, then the paying party must be served with a Bill of Costs and a Notice of Commencement before any formal assessment of the costs has been made.

A Notice of Commencement of Assessment of Bill of Costs is served to the paying party alongside the Bill of Costs, presenting and explaining the amount of costs claimed by the receiving party. The form N252 is used by the receiving party to serve notice to the paying party, whilst CPR47 explains the rules and guidelines for the Assessment of Costs procedure. 

It is important to remember, unless in exceptional circumstances, that the Notice of Commencement and a Bill of Costs should be served within three months from the date of any costs order or deemed order as to costs, for example a part 36 offer or a Notice of Discontinuance. 

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What is required when serving a Bill?


A Notice of Commencement of Assessment of Bill of Costs in form N252 must be used to formally serve a copy of the Bill of Costs to the paying party.

Notes detailing solicitor fees, court fees and general expenses related to the case at hand must be included in the documents being served to the paying party, alongside a certified signed back sheet (signed by the receiving party themselves or another legal professional) confirming that the Bill of Costs is correct, and that the indemnity principle has not been breached. 

It is worth noting that the Notice of Commencement must be officially and properly served to a Solicitors who have the authority to accept the service of the notice, as any improper serving of such official documents can cause grounds for improper conduct and jeopardise the costs proceedings. 

What happens when you receive a Notice of Commencement of assessment of bill of costs? 


If you are the paying party and have been served with a Notice of Commencement of Assessment of Bill of Costs, it is important that you respond to the Bill within 21 say of receiving it (if you do not respond within the allocated 21 days then the opposing party can apply for a default costs certificate which orders the paying party to pay costs in full within 14 days).

Once you have assessed the Bill and if you do not agree with the costs laid out by the receiving party, you can send your Points of Dispute stating what you wish to adjust and why. The receiving party may then send their Points of Reply within the next 21 days in which they can either agree to your adjustments or propose other alternative costs amounts. 

If both parties fail to come to an agreement on costs then they can apply for a detailed assessment of costs hearing in which the Courts will make a final decision on how much the paying party is to pay the receiving party. 

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