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Costs Budget

The costs budgeting process requires a carefully planned approach, to ensure future anticipated costs are neither under nor over-estimated. The failure to anticipate your future costs correctly can result in any Costs Budget (Precedent H) hampering your legal costs recovery on preparation of a Bill of Costs.

Costs Budget Negotiations

On receipt of papers and/or electronic instructions, we provide a 5 working day turnaround (7 day overall) on all drafting instructions, whether it be a Precedent H Costs Budget or detailed Bill of Costs. Each client has a central advisor who will be allocated their account, so that you are always dealing with the same Costs Draftsman who will be familiar with your caseload.

Detailed Assessment Proceedings

As well as our office based law costing solutions, our experienced Law Costs Draftsmen provide advocacy services at both Costs and Case Management (CCMC) hearings, and detailed assessment representation, whether this be at a hearing or at a Joint Settlement/Round Table Meeting, or mediation.

Bill of Costs

At Greener Costs, our Costs Draftsman pride themselves on their average recovery of 72% of all Bills, achieved in the majority of cases within 1 month of service of the Bill of Costs upon the paying party. When serving an Electronic Bill of Costs, as well as sending a postal copy, a digital Excel version also needs to be emailed to the paying party.


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