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Drafting and Negotiation

A Costs Draftsman, Kent is a specialist legal professional that solely deals with the costs that occur during court cases and other legal proceedings.

Our Team at Greener Costs, Kent are highly experienced in legal costing services and have assisted clients on a variety of costs claims covering many areas of the law, from large commercial litigation cases to smaller personal injury and clinical negligence claims. The expertise our team possesses ensures we can attain the best possible outcome for our clients.

What Does a Costs Draftsman Do?

A law Costs Draftsman is a specialist legal professional who concentrates and is responsible for settling the legal costs involved with a case. The role of a Costs Draftsperson or Costs Lawyer is the only role in the legal industry that solely focuses on claims for costs, meaning they have significant expertise and skill in their niche area. The role is typically centered around the process of the detailed assessment of costs.

Utilising the Benefits of a Costs Draftsman

There are many benefits of utilising law costs draftsman. From our extensive experience in the legal area of costs, we can ensure you maximise your costs recovery and we will oversee that all documents are accurate to avoid any confusion.

At Greener Costs we can ensure quick turnaround agreements, which under most circumstances can be much more efficient than clients completing the work themselves in-house.

How Greener Costs Can Assist

Our team of Costs Draftsman, Kent, have many years of experience surrounding costs drafting and negotiation. We are able to assist clients from all backgrounds and locations in England and Wales on a range of cases, whether you are the paying party of receiving party. We can also assist on legal aid cases. Our team can work on your case from the start of your dispute and can see it through all the way to preparing your bill of costs and representation at detailed assessment hearings.

If you wish to speak to a member of the team here at Greener Costs then please contact us at 01204 263047, or use the online form on our website below.

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