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A Costs Draftsman, Southampton is an expert legal costs consultant who can help with the recovery of costs from a court case and legal proceedings. Costs Draftsmen are also specialists in negotiation and contesting of legal fees, ensuring you have the best chance of a maximum recovery from your case.

At Greener Costs, our team of experienced Costs Draftsmen have worked on a variety of costs cases that cover many areas of law, including larger commercial disputes to more personal cases such as clinical negligence and personal injury claims. Our Costs Draftsmen are experts in their area and possess significant industry knowledge in order to best serve our clients.

If you are looking for a Costs Draftsman in Southampton, then please get in touch with us today to find out more information on how we can best assist you.

What is the role of a Costs Draftsman?

A Costs Draftsman or Costs Lawyer is the specialist role in the legal industry that solely focuses on claims for costs, meaning they possess significant expertise and skill in their niche area.

Typically, the role of a Costs Draftsman surrounds the detailed assessment process of costs, but they are equipped to work on any case that involves costs, including costs payable between the parties where the unsuccessful party pays the successful party, solicitor and client costs and legal aid where a solicitor is representing a client with public funding.

Our Costs Draftsmen, Southampton at Greener Costs can assist from the very outset of a case, from the drafting and negotiating of Conditional Fee Agreements, working to ensure they are compliant and that all fees are calculated correctly, avoiding any costs disputes.

Our team are also experienced in preparing Precedent H Costs Budgets to maximize your costs recovery if your claim is successful, as well as preparing a Precedent R to correctly negotiate a costs budget and a Precedent T to assist in amending a budget.

The role of a costs draftsman surrounds the detailed assessment process

What are the Benefits of Using a Costs Draftsman?

There are many benefits of utilising law costs draftsmen. From our extensive experience in dealing with a range of legal costs negotiations, we can ensure you maximise your costs recovery and we will oversee that all documents are accurate to avoid any confusion or repercussions.

In-house teams of Costs Draftsmen can be extremely expensive and can also limit the analysis of profit recoveries due to the lack of external data to process. the expenses involved in instructing an external expert Costs Draftsperson are usually significantly lower; and therefore, the most sensible option on all accounts.

It is also important to mention that many solicitors in law firms are far too preoccupied with other duties to spend the appropriate amount of time needed looking at and analysing their legal costs. It is therefore highly appreciated when external expert Costs Draftsmen are able to reduce some of the stress and pressure from such solicitors so they can focus their efforts elsewhere, maximising time and efficiency.

At Greener Costs we can ensure quick turnaround agreements, which under most circumstances can be much more efficient than clients completing the work themselves in-house.

We can assist law firms throughout England and Wales using our remote law costing services. Our clients find increased efficiency through the use of our remote service as it provides a pragmatic approach to costing, reducing the time it would take to scan and send an abundance of files.

How Greener Costs Can Assist

Our team of Costs Draftsman, Southampton, have many years of experience in legal costs services, including drafting and negotiation. We are able to assist clients from all backgrounds and locations in England and Wales on a range of cases, whether you are the paying party of receiving party. We can help your case from the start of your dispute and can see it through all the way to preparing your bill of costs and representation at detailed assessment hearings.

Greener Costs is the UK’s first net positive legal costs company, and our aim is to assist your law farm in costs services whilst also helping you become more carbon neutral.

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